You Can Mobile Order Food Right to Your Seat at Portland Sea Dogs

2022-08-21 00:06:40 By : Ms. Sara Zhao

Now THIS is what I call Breaking News.

You’re sitting at your favorite sports game in the middle of the row elbow-to-elbow with strangers. The thought of getting up and crawling on top of these people to get out is nightmarish but the sound of your grumbling belly can be heard over the announcer.

Dang. If only you could get food delivered right to your seat so you don’t even have to stand up.

Skip the lines, don’t worry about awkwardly sliding through people in your row to get by, don’t even move a muscle. Just sit back, relax, don’t miss a play, and whip out your phone and Google “Sea Dogs In-Park Services”. This will bring you to their MILB website where you can order food or merchandise to your seat.

You plug in your row and seat number, add your favorite snacks, bevvies, and merch to your cart, and wait for it to be hand delivered right to you.

The movie Wall-E was definitely onto something when they portrayed the future of humans to be lazy people gliding around on chairs not having to move and get around to do anything but I don’t hate it.

I was just at the Sea Dogs this past weekend for a killer game and rather than catapult myself over strangers to get out of my row, I just mobile ordered and within minutes my hot dog was handed right to me. Gotta love it!