Low Noise Deep Groove Ball Bearing 634zz for Electric Motor

Low noise deep groove ball bearing 634zz for electric motorQuick DetailsStructure:Deep GrooveType:BallBore Size:1 - 100 mmOutside Diameter:1 - 200 mmPrecision Rating:p5 p4Seals Type:zz 2rs openPlace of Origin:Shandong China (Mainland)OEM:OKStock:Rich stockPacking:Single box packingSpecificationsMiniature Bearing1&comma

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Low noise deep groove ball bearing 634zz for electric motor

Quick Details


Deep Groove



Bore Size:

1 - 100 mm

Outside Diameter:

1 - 200 mm

Precision Rating:

p5 p4

Seals Type:

zz 2rs open

Place of Origin:

Shandong China (Mainland)




Rich stock


Single box packing

Miniature Bearing
1, Low noise
2, Competitive Price
3, Quick Delivery, Good Service

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: Tube & Box Marking: 1. Lasermarking on outerface of outerring like Brand, 2. Print Brand on Rubber/Metal shield
Delivery Detail: 3-5 work days

Metric Series Miniature Bearing
TypeBore DiameterOuter DiameterWidthLoad Rating Cr(N)Load Rating Cor(N)Max.Speed
MR 74 ZZ4722.52551086067
MR 84 ZZ8233951415667
684 ZZ92.546412275363
MR 104 ZZ10347112724856
694 ZZ11449573504856
604 ZZ12449573504856
624 ZZ135513014884048
634 ZZ165513405233643
MR 85 ZZ5822.5218905363
MR 95 ZZ92.534311695060
MR 105 ZZ10344311695060
MR 115 ZZ11-47162824553
685 ZZ11357162824553
695 ZZ134410774324350
605 ZZ145513295074050
625 ZZ165517296753643
635 ZZ196623368963240
MR 106 ZZ6102.534962184553
MR 126 ZZ12347162954350
686 ZZ133.5510824424050
696 ZZ155513405234045
606 ZZ176622638463845
626 ZZ196623368963240
636 ZZ227733331423

1. Miniature bearing in metric desings(d=1mm--9mm)
681 691 681X 681XZZ 691X 691XZZ 601X 601XZZ 682 682ZZ MR52 MR52ZZ 692 692-2RS 692ZZ MR62 MR62ZZ MR72 MR72-2RS MR72ZZ 602 602-2RS 602ZZ 682X 682XZZ 692X 692X-2RS 692XZZ MR82X 602X 602XZZ MR63 MR63ZZ 683 683-2RS 683ZZ MR83 MR83ZZ 693 693-2RS 693ZZ MR93 MR93ZZ 603 603ZZ 623 623-2RS 623ZZ 633 633-2RS 633ZZ...

2. Miniature bearing in inch designs(d=1.984mm--9.525mm)
R09 R0 R0ZZ R1 R1ZZ R1-4 R1-4-2RS R1-4ZZ R1-5 R1-5-2RS R1-5ZZ R133 R133ZZ R144 R144-2RS R144ZZ R2 R2-2RS R2ZZ R2-5 R2-5-2RS R2-5ZZ R2-6 R2-6-2RS R2-6ZZ R2A R2AZZ R155 R155ZZ R156 R156-2RS R156ZZ R166 R166-2RS R166ZZ R3 R3-2RS R3ZZ R3A-2RS R3AZZ R168 R168-2RS R168ZZ R4 R4-2RS R4ZZ R4A R4A-2RS R4AZZ R1810 R1810-2RS R1810ZZ R6 R6-2RS R6ZZ...

1'miniature flanged bearings in metric desings(d=1mm--12mm)
F681 F691 MF41X F681X F681XZZ F691X F691XZZ F601X F601XZZ F682 F682ZZ MF52 MF52ZZ F692 F692-2RS F692ZZ MF62 MF62ZZ MF72 MF72-2RS MF72ZZ F602 F602ZZ F682X F682XZZ F692X F692X-2RS F692XZZ MF82X F602X F602X-2RS F602XZZ MF63 MF63ZZ F683 F683-2RS F683ZZ MF83 MF83ZZ F693 F693-2RS F693ZZ MF93 MF93ZZ F603 F603ZZ F623 F623-2RS F623ZZ MF74 MF74ZZ...

2'miniature flanged bearings in inch desings(d=1.984--9.525)
FR0 FR0ZZ FR1 FR1ZZ FR1-4 FR1-4-2RS FR1-4ZZ FR1-5 FR1-5-2RS FR1-5ZZ FR133 FR133ZZ FR144 FR144-2RS FR144ZZ FR2 FR2-2RS FR2ZZ FR2-5 FR2-5-2RS FR2-5ZZ FR2-6 FR2-6-2RS FR2-6ZZ FR155 FR155ZZ FR156 FR156-2RS R156ZZ R166 R166-2RS R166ZZ FR3 FR3-2RS FR3ZZ FR168 FR168-2RS FR168ZZ FR4 FR4-2RS FR4ZZ R4A R4A-2RS R4AZZ FR1810 FR1810-2RS FR1810ZZ FR6 FR6-2RS FR6ZZ...

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