52100 Steel Ball 4.763mm Bearing Steel Ball

52100 steel ball 4.763mm bearing steel ball1. High hardness, through hardening, fine grain and martensitic steel.2. International standard: 100Cr6 / aisi52100 / 1.3505 / 100C6 / 534A99 / 9Ch1 / Gcr15 / Suj2.3. Application:Precision bearings, automotive components (brakes, steering, line shaft&r

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52100 steel ball 4.763mm bearing steel ball

1. High hardness, through hardening, fine grain and martensitic steel.

2. International standard: 100Cr6 / aisi52100 / 1.3505 / 100C6 / 534A99 / 9Ch1 / Gcr15 / Suj2.

3. Application:

Precision bearings, automotive components (brakes, steering, line shaft), bicycle, agitators, appliances, sliders, quick couplings, machine tool, lock mechanisms, conveyor belts, skates, pens, pumps, castors, measurement instruments, valves.

Chrome steel ball/bearing steel ball
1. MaterialAISI 52100/ 100Cr6/ 100C6/ SUJ2/ Wks 1.3505
2. Size Range0.6mm-180mm
3. GradeG10-1000
4. Hardness58-65 HRC
5. Characteristic(a)Mainly used in bearings
(b)Good hardness
(c)Good resistance to deformation with excellent wear resistance
(d)Low corrosion
6. MagneticYes
7. ApplicationBall bearings, bicycles, automobile industry
8. Chemical composition

C%Si% Mn%S% P%Cr% Mo%Cu% Al% O%
9.PackingStandard: 10kg or 20kg per carton,1 ton per pallet or as customer required
10.Conditioning dry or oiled
11.Delivery timeStock within a short time or 35 days.
What is SUJ2? Features  Applications Hardness
SUJ2 is a high-carbon chromium bearing steel in conformity with JISG4805.

Non-metal inclusions,which have a harmful effect on the durability of steel, are minimized by the vacuum degassing method.
High load bearingBearings0.8mm-3mm
63-67 HRC
Fine surface finishBall screws
Through-hardness and high loacapacityAutomotive (transmission, steering, anti-lock brakes)3.175mm-30mm
62-67 HRC
Used in demanding
industrial applications
61-67 HRC
Manufacture process of steel balls
Step 1 HeadingBalls blanks are cold headed from rolls of wire.
Step 2 FlashingRolling balls between two hard alloy plates to removes the slight band
and small protrusions.
Step 3 Heat treatHeating balls to a high temperature in furnace and quenching balls in a liquid bath.
Step 4 Rough grindRolling balls between the face of a fixed iron plate and a very hard fire-grit grinding wheel. Then rolled the hardened ground balls between two cast iron plates.
Step 5 CleaningThe final production operation cleans the finished balls and adds a shiny luster.
Step 6 Final
Balls are gauged, visually inspected and subjected to other quality tests to insure
every customer's specifications are achieved.
Step 7 PackagingThe balls are packaged in accordance with customer specifications for shipping.


Type 1 : Plastic bag + box + carton + wooden pallet

Type 2 : Plastic bag + carton + wooden pallet 

Type 3 : Our package :export cartons, steel drums, wooden pallets


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