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2021-11-25 10:12:00 By : Ms. Allie Lu

This sports plastics expert has developed igubal replaceable spheres, which are particularly suitable for pillow blocks with metal shells and fixed flange bearings. They are composed of the high-performance polymer iglidur J, which reduces costs due to the lack of lubrication and maintenance. The use of polymers prevents dirt and dust from depositing in the bearings, thereby further reducing sealing and preventing unexpected machine downtime.

In a few seconds, igubal spherical balls can be installed in the existing classic metal pillow blocks and flanged housings instead of ball bearings, and can now also be installed in low-cost sheet metal housings. 

Balls can be used in three sizes of low-cost sheet metal housings (Ø 20 mm, 25 mm and 30 mm) and cast housings (UC204-210).

The complete solution is available from Treotham Automation.

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